“Mental and social health and wellbeing are important for everyone, regardless of gender. Blokepedia provides a forum for conversations that matter to support the men in our lives and I applaud Josh’s efforts in providing these events.

I had the privilege to speak at a Blokepedia event in August 2018. There was a good turn out of people engaged in how to better support their fathers, brothers, partners, sons, and friends, asking great questions and keen to learn from the experience of the speakers.

I recommend Blokepedia events to anyone interested in making a difference in mental and social health, and to all organisations seeking to improve wellbeing in their workplace and the broader community.”

Jeanette Jifkins
Chair, On The Line (includes MensLine Australia, Suicide Call Back Service)

“In a society where so many men struggle to speak up when times are tough, a forum like Blokepedia is providing a sounding board that can save lives. An incredible movement and one I’m proud to say I am a part of”.

Ben Alexander
Former Wallabies & Brumbies Player

“Mental ill-health is an enormous personal, societal and economic problem, and there are particular issues for men who typically, are less likely to talk and seek help.

Blokepedia provides a safe, informal environment for men to come together, listen, learn and talk. This is a crucial adjunct to the growing range of awareness-raising activities and services being delivered. Josh has started a fantastically positive movement that I’m sure already has, and will continue to improve and save lives.”

Dr. Timothy Sharp
Chief Happiness Office, The Happiness Institute