Online Learning

Our online learning has been co-designed with health professionals and Australian men and addresses key men’s health issues through story sharing and the provision of practical skills and supports.

This innovative online resource has been designed to empower and support men to optimise their own and each other’s health and wellbeing. Drawing on the lived experiences of everyday men, this resource educates course participants on some of the challenges men face in their lives and helps to identify some effective strategies for problem solving.

Topics include; Dealing with Change, Fatherhood, Mental Health, Social Connection, Healthy Lifestyle

Our self-paced course is easy to follow and features simple, practical skills and strategies described in everyday language.

This valuable resource is beneficial for both men and women, and relevant to all workplaces.

What our online learning covers
  • Increase awareness of mental health
  • Help seeking behaviours in men
  • Education on skills required for increased social connection and a healthier lifestyle
  • Awareness of resources for improving emotional health and wellbeing

Each module takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and features stories from men who have experienced some of lifes challenges and identified effective strategies for problem solving. The learning activities within the modules encourage participants to Connect, Reflect, and Contribute to a broader discussion on the issues that impact the lives of men.