We all need human interaction, the chance to be heard occasionally and just to know we are not alone. But there doesn’t need to be a crisis and circumstances don’t need to be at rock-bottom for an important conversation to begin. Sometimes a simple opinion, some input or a non-judgmental ear is all that’s needed.


Blokepedia was started in January 2017 by Josh Quarmby as a way of promoting and encouraging discussion around the issues and topics that are affecting men in today’s society.

The original concept was for Blokepedia to be a blog site for men to share their stories and discuss the topics they don’t openly talk about – such as mental health, relationships, and lifestyle.

Blokepedia has evolved beyond a blog to now deliver events and programs within communities and businesses. These activities provide participants with the tools and supports to;
– Better understand and accept mental health and wellbeing
– Navigate and manage the change we experience throughout our lives
– Engage in conversations with others around the issues and topics that have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing

the conversations that matter 

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