Blokepedia started initially as a blog with the aim of encouraging men to talk openly about the issues that affect them – from mental health through to parenting and relationships. It was through sharing my own experience of how bottled emotions associated with loss had impacted my mental health and relationships that I realised the power of sharing our stories and the value of human connections.

Blokepedia has now evolved beyond a blog site to include events, programs, and workshops aimed at not only promoting positive conversation are the issues impacting the lives of Aussie men but providing the foundations to improve the way we connect, communicate and care for ourselves and others.

Why We Are Here

We all need human interaction, the chance to be heard occasionally and just to know we are not alone. But there doesn’t need to be a crisis and circumstances don’t need to be at rock-bottom for an important conversation to begin. Sometimes a simple opinion, some input or a non-judgmental ear is all that’s needed.