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We’d like to hear what you have to say and we think the blokepedia community will too.

If you, or someone you know, would like to send us a piece please check these author guidelines before you send it over.

Writer’s Playbook

Be unique

Check we haven’t recently published a story on the same topic (if it’s similar, you can email us to check before going ahead)

Be authentic

Anything you write for us must be truthful, honest and 100% your own work (we respect the work of others and you should too).  You need to be the sole copyright holder of anything you submit (including all content & images).  By submitting to blokepedia you’re confirming that you do have full copyright to everything you’re sending.

Be clever

We’ll happily republish your content that’s appeared elsewhere (assuming it’ll resonate with the blokepedia audience) as long as you are the sole copyright holder and you have permission to re-use your work.

Be sharp

Aim to keep your blog to between 500-1000 words.  Keep to a plain, simple text format and get the most out of your expensive computer by doing a quick grammar & spell check before you save & send us your masterpiece.

Be known

Make sure you include a 2 line bio & a headshot that you’re happy to show the blokepedia audience. We also would like you to send us at least one accompanying image (relating to your piece) that we can publish along with your work. We want you to be proud of your work, so we prefer to avoid anonymous contributions. However, if you’re not comfortable with your name being published alongside your article please let us know and we will publish under ‘Bloke Confidential’.

Be prepared

Before you hit “submit” take a minute to make sure you’re okay with the potential for reader comments.  The internet can be one big schoolyard and there might be some doozies! Also, when you’re published online you should know that you’re granting others the right to publish, quote or reference snippets of your work (as long as they leave your work in its original state, its properly cited and credit given to you as the author).

Choppin’ and changin’

We think its best when your writing is genuine and your voice shines on the screen, so we prefer not to edit heavily. But we do occasionally need to make some edits for length, clarity or grammar and to format it to make your work consistent with other submissions.

We may make these edits without notice to you but we’ll be very careful not to change the meaning or context of your article. If we do have some questions or bigger suggested changes, we’ll return your submission to you for an update.  We also can’t be responsible for any slips ups or inaccuracies you might have included. Hope you understand.

We do our best

While we’re eternally grateful to our community of contributors and can repay you in smiles, please note that at present submissions are unpaid.

You also need to know that we don’t guarantee publication of your piece. We do value your time and effort but we also like to stick to our style – so we may decide not to go ahead at any stage.

If you’re still on the fence, you’re welcome to ask us a question first. Please be aware we are a very small team! Sometimes we might be a little slow or can’t respond to all emails, so please be patient and specific.

Don’t be cheeky

Affiliate links and embedded advertising is strictly not permitted. Media releases and other promotional content are welcome but you need to be sure the news is relevant and serves some benefit to the blokepedia community! We are about being real and we hope that others will be too.

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