Write For Us

We always welcome new contributions from men (and occasionally women) who would like to write for Blokepedia.  Please note that at present submissions are unpaid. Please read the below Submission Guidelines for further information, including how to submit your piece of writing.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must follow our submission guidelines. You’re welcome to either submit an entire article, or query us first. Please be aware we are a very small team! Sometimes we can’t respond to all emails.

Depending on your submission, you may want to check with us to make sure we haven’t already published something similar recently (especially if it’s an opinion piece on a current event.)

  • Articles, write-ups and stories must be 100% your own work. We respect the work of others and you should too. You need to be the sole copyright holder of everything you submit, and by submitting you’re agreeing you own full copyright for any images you provide, or have taken yourself.
  • We’ll happily republish your piece that has appeared elsewhere, if we feel like it’ll resonate with the Blokepedia audience — as long as you are the sole copyright holder and you have permission to re-use your work. It’s also fine for you to submit a piece that appears on your own blog, website or newsletter.
  • We will make sure we link back to your website and social links in the piece- however we can’t guarantee any blog will be shared directly to Blokepedia’s Facebook page.
  • PR releases and other promotional content are welcome as long as they are of great benefit to the Blokepedia audience – but be aware we don’t prioritise these over other contributions and will rarely run them. Please write your release or review honestly, and don’t submit anything that clearly shows you don’t understand what the Blokepedia audience is about.
  • All content must be truthful and honest above all else. Blokepedia is a place to share your stories. However, if you haven’t been published before be aware that other pages may share your blog and we can’t control comments sections on the internet.
  • By submitting your articles, write-ups and stories you grant others the right to publish snippets of your work, as long as they leave your work in its original state. Other websites can quote or reference content published, here as long as it’s properly cited and credit given to you as the author.
  • Affiliate links and embedded advertising is strictly not permitted.
  • Submitting an article, write-up or story does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to reject a submission for any reason at any stage of the process.
  • Try and keep blogs between 500-1000 words where possible.
  • Use spell check and grammar check please.
  • To make the process quicker, if you haven’t been published before include a 2 line bio, headshot and an extra image relating to your piece.

How to submit

Please keep your writing as plain text. Just put it in the body of your email message.
Submissions which are way too long and will require too much editing may not be read or considered.
Please format your writing simply.  You may also use our contact form to submit your work or email submit@blokepedia.com

If you do not wish for your name to be published alongside your article for whatever reason, please submit your piece to blokeconfidential@blokepedia.com


We prefer not to edit heavily, but we do reserve the right to edit your article for length, clarity or grammar and to format it to make it consistent with our other submissions.
We may make these changes without notice to you.
We won’t change the content of your article, and we can’t be responsible for any inaccuracies you include.
If we have extra questions, we will return your submission for you to fix.