Blokepedia understands the need to adopt a flexible and agile approach to working with both businesses and communities. We work hand-in-hand with our clients on the implementation and delivery of innovative Health and Wellbeing solutions that see benefits for individuals, their families, and the wider community.
Our approach combines expertise in clinical psychology, training facilitation, HR consultation, and community engagement.

Our Approach

As the line between work and life blurs, the need for organisations and communities to provide holistic health and wellbeing programs focused on physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health has increased.

For organisations, such programs are both a corporate responsibility and a strategy to improving employee retention, engagement, and productivity. A focus on health and wellbeing shouldn’t end at the workplace though. Our programs work to create an important connection between business, individuals and the wider community.


Workplace Wellbeing

In consultation with key stakeholders, we develop and deliver tailored programs that align with and support organisations existing health, safety and wellbeing policies, frameworks and initiatives.

Through staff workshops, events, and communication and staff engagement campaigns, our approach aims to;

Create understanding and acceptance of mental health and wellbeing within the workplace
Provide tools and supports for both managers and employees to address themes such as change, communication and how to have a ‘conversation that matters’
Develop capacity so organisations can create a psychologically safer work environment
Create important connections between the workplace, the individual, their families and the community.

Community Programs

We develop and implement frameworks to support existing and future initiatives aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of community members.

Many councils and community groups have existing health and wellbeing initiatives in place. We believe there is real value in aligning these to a shared vision and purpose.  These strategies ensure long-term, sustainable health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.