Norwegian Backpacker Shares Terrible Trip To Australia

By Josh Quarmby on 18 February 2017

Lars Fevang always wanted to travel to Australia. The 29 year-old from Toensberg, Norway spent his childhood watching Australian television classics, dreaming of a holiday Down Under.

“I grew up watching 'Skippy the Bush Kangaroo', 'Home and Away' and 'Bondi Rescue' and immediately became fascinated by the Australian way of life and all the funny animals.” He said.

Lars left his job in the Norwegian military and set off for a 6 month adventure around the world – first stop Australia.

"I expected overwhelming scenery, bush kangaroos and lifeguards coming to my rescue whenever I needed help with anything. Australian television gave me much entertainment growing up, but it also built up my expectations too much”.

Lars spent 6 weeks travelling along the east coast of Australia and shared his experience on Imgur, claiming 'I travelled Australia alone. It was horrible’.

The photos show Lars at various Australian tourist spots along his journey. Stony-faced in the pictures, Lars did not look like he was enjoying his holiday at all.

Bondi Beach in Sydney, not at all like on tv.  Didn't see a single rescue mission, and it even rained a little bit.

And koalas sleep all the time. Why even display those lazy things?

Brisbane has a beach inside the city. Just stupid.

Went to see the most famous ship in Queensland. It can't even sail...

Thought the zoo would cheer me up. Turns out Steve Irwin is dead

Heard the Great Ocean Road was amazing, was just some stupid rocks.

I went to Melbourne to watch a game of the Australian national sport. It was played on a cricket stadium, and was a weird combination of handball and football. There was also a third team in yellow shirts who only wanted the ball to take the throw-ins. Nothing about that game made any sense to me.

The photos sparked mixed response on social media and morning television, with commentators labelling Lars a 'nong' and ' a complete and utter fraud'. Those with a sense of humour realised the photos were all taken tongue-in-cheek. A 'piss-take', as we would say in Australia.

Lars loved his holiday Down Under.

​"My favourite part of the trip was my stay on Magnetic Island.  It was a short boat trip from Townsville, Queensland. It has beautiful secluded beaches, a butterfly forest, full moon parties, and it's great for fishing and chilling on sailboats. My idea of Paradise is Magnetic Island." He said.

And would Lars like to visit Australia again?

"I would like to come back to see that big rock in the middle of nowhere that you're not even allowed to climb. It sounds like fun to watch that rock." 

You are welcome back to Australia any time Lars.  Next time, SMILE.