Jimmy’s Shed

Two episodes airing every Thursday from June 4, 2020.
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Episode 9:

Maintaining Work / Life Balance

Allan Sparkes (CV,OAM,VA,FRSN) and Steve Pennells join Jimmy in the shed to how to discuss strategies and tools to maintain health while balancing work and life commitments.

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Episode 2: Blokes in the bush

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Episode 4: Addressing the pink elephant: Miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Episode 5: Finding Meaning in Life

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Episode 7: Communication in relationships

Episode 8: Understanding the benefits of exercise on mental health

Episode 10: Mateship and mentors – The importance of social connection

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Jimmy Rees

Jimmy is an Australian entertainer and TV host best known for his role as Jimmy Giggle on ABC’s Giggle and Hoot. A husband, father, and star of both stage and television, Blokepedia is delighted to have Jimmy host this very special series.


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