Blokepedia launches new web-series to support the health and wellbeing of Australian men
May 25, 2020

Dr. Clive Williams (Photo: Mitchell Denham)

5 Free Video Resources for Men’s Health Week


Looking for resources to share with your team this Men’s Health Week?  We’ve got you covered!!  These 5 short videos cover off on some key issues for men and their health.

We encourage you to share these videos with your teams throughout Men’s Health Week.


Social Connection


As men get older, our friendship circles can get smaller.  We get ‘busy’ with jobs, family and lives, and over time we may lose contact with mates.  We may even stop doing the things we enjoy.

Men are social beings. We need other people, other men. We need connection.  And we need fun.

Some men may have forgotten this.  They’ve fallen into the old belief that men can do it tough and go it alone.  And it’s true we can and sometimes we must, but something has to go back in the tank otherwise we’ll be running on empty.  And Nothing goes far on empty.




Becoming a father is an incredible, life changing experience. It is also very daunting facing up to the responsibility of raising a child and teaching them all they need to know about the world. No kids come with instructions…

Fatherhood can be one of life’s biggest challenges and at the same time, one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

Every man’s journey into fatherhood and beyond is different. For some, fatherhood has a way of polarising any other achievements in life up until that point. For others it can seem extremely overwhelming. However, there are many common experiences and challenges that all dads share.


Men and Mental Health


One of the key issues for blokes and our mental health is the belief that we must be a strong, stoic, provider who doesn’t show emotions. The result is that many blokes bottle up these emotions or numb them with alcohol, drugs or work. We pretend we’re fine when really, we’re not.

Good mental health practices include regular physical activity, a good diet, supportive relationships, maybe some meditation or mindfulness, and of course making the time to have some fun doing the stuff you love.

Maintaining positive mental health can result in better relationships, increased productivity and improved health.


Healthy Lifestyle


We all know what an unhealthy lifestyle looks like. And we’ve got all the excuses in the world as to why we can’t start leading a healthier lifestyle.  An unhealthy lifestyle negatively impacts not only our physical health, but can have detrimental consequences on other aspects of our lives.

Living a healthy lifestyle is so important in maintaining a positive mind frame and emotional wellbeing. It can vastly improve our health, give us more energy, improve work performance, and most importantly lead to improved relationships with ourselves and those around us.


Dealing with Change


Change is a part of life.  Sometimes we seek it out. Like applying for a new job, moving to a new town or starting a family.  Other times change happens to us – such as ill health, injury, redundancy or the ending of a relationship.

For men, change can be extra tricky.  We’ve been taught that if there’s a problem – fix it.  Work harder to find a solution.  And, of course, keep emotions out of the picture.  These strategies can work, but often there is no quick fix.  And working harder only makes us more tired.

If we don’t have the tools to navigate change it can feel chaotic and overwhelming.